Looking for a new, engaging, and hands-on workshop for instructors at your institution or in your district?

Amanda is available for 90-minute, half-day, or full day workshops in which participants will create their own escape room from a given template, and learn tools and techniques to create escape rooms and other interactive learning projects using Google Apps.

Educational Escape Room Workshops are customized to the needs and ability level of the audience, but can include:

  • A chance for participants to "play" one or more digital escape room activities before creating their own

  • Self-paced video lessons on Google app basics that are available to instructors BEFORE the workshop

  • A dedicated web page with resources, links, tutorials, and workshop recording

  • Custom templates with your school's branding

Additional Workshop or Webinar Topics Available Include:

  • Google Apps Fundamentals (Slides, Forms, Sheets, Sites)

  • Creating Automations or Custom Grading Schemes with Canvas

  • Blended/Flipped Course Design

  • Using Canva, Notion, or Google Apps to create classroom activities

Use the Contact Me page to get the ball rolling!

Educational Escape Rooms

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